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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Praying for forgiveness

Well its been a busy June... hoping things materialise in July. Jaane Tu released and is doing well. Happy for the entire team ! Our track, Pappu can't dance is bangin' in the clubs which is great...had worked with Genelia during the shooting of Boys and she has surely grown into a 'Star' with perseverance...god bless - "when ah me ah see you at the dance in di hall and ah when ah me ah see you at the dance - say!"

Tomorrow, Sakkarakatti releases... the trailer for the first song is ready, and the launch should be a grand affair. Had great fun working on the track, Taxi-Taxi, and i guess having done the 'autorickshaw' theme song from Oram Po, to having the title song from 'New' being used for the 'motorbike' ads, and now to 'taxi', my transportation is steadily progressing !

However, i wanna take it back to the bicycle!! Been on my mind for a long time, not just since the fuel price hike, but in general, even for staying fit. So i had made up my mind to keep the 'chevy' in the garage, and go find a BSA or HERCULES or whatever is gonna suit my cycling dreams...

Asked a few friends, no clue. So got online and googled for shops selling cycles in chennai. Got a whole list. My GPS on the HTC phone isn't too helpful at these times and resorted to trying to discover the place myself. Bad idea. Found the shop after 45 mins, cause of the construction work going on etc. Finally got there, and was pleasantly surprised to see cycles with 21-speed and 6-speed gears, all shining like my bling ! Wow, i thought !

The only thing i didn't realise was that i hadn't sat on a cycle in maybe 18 years !!

And as i started to circle the pavement around the shop, i slowly started to realise the fact that not only was it a bit uncomfortable, but also the weather was blazing hot! And with my skin condition, which is an added extra i received with my asthma, the heat was burning through and starting to penetrate. The baggy pants i wore had to be tied with a band as the they were flying everywhere, including getting stuck between the pedals/shoes/seat.... it was a funny sight indeed!

With that, i waved bye-bye to the shop, stepped into my car, started the ignition, turned on the a/c, added my share of carbon to the ozone to help speed its depletion, and .... ... ... prayed for forgiveness...