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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BlaaZe rhymes for his daughter - and his broken toe

Time is gettin harder to steal,
words are seeming lesser to heal,
life is blessed with only good health,
the rest will vanish, wither and melt,
then why must my baby girl face her fate,
at only 5 years of age, her brain ain't safe,
is it a sign that my karma rules,
are we just rationalising, like fools,
do we not stop and wonder if ever,
the best we can do is offer a prayer,
i say this, but why, i may not understand,
tuberculoma in the brain... DAMN !!

never heard it before, don't wanna hear it again,
but reality is a lesson, to share with friends,

to remain silent, i decided for a while,
for the eyez that saw, kept me lagging behind,
from my broken toe, fractured and bruised - oh still,
what more do u want to play with, my will?
thought it was lost, set to sink my ship,
then got up on stage with my pimp cane, my walking stick,
still i pretend to continue and endure,
we rocked calicut and pune is next for sure,
if its not too clear whats goin' on in my rhymes,
imagine what it is, goin on in my mind... ... ... 

... blaaze 2009