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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well well well... finaly here at blogworld... decided today was a good (auspicious)day to start ! Ama Vasya day, did 'tharpanam' for my dad and ancestors. Feelin like goin down memory lane ... here's a little something i posted to the Zambian Newspapers about him, after we moved back here for good... makes me think how time flies...


Sunday Nov.9th 2003

Dear editor,

hi..this is Rajesh Raman, better known in Zambia as BlaaZe' - the rapper from Kitwe.
Well, i am now based in India and rappin is always goin strong. However i write this to you, because for 25 years, my parents had been in Zambia, until a few months ago, when my father passed away...

Mr. R V Raman is my dad's name. Ours was not a typical Indian household living in a foreign land. The main reason i think is because my father worked as an architect, originally in the copper mines, and then with other organisations, helping to lay a foundation of structures in Zambia that will last even after his time. The Sathya Sai School, various offices for the mines, the fencing around hospitals, pipelines and so many numerous things that still benefit thousands if not more. I had never been too keen on exactly what he was doing and why... but it's too late now. I realise that his constructions and his visits all over zambia, from the copperbelt to southern province, northern province, north-western province etc kept him working hard ( too hard sometimes ), but he always was happy when fellow Zambian colleagues smiled. This time when i came to Zambia to perform the last rites for my father, ( as i was not present when he passed away ), i was amazed by the people and the stories his colleagues and ex-colleagues had to tell me. This is when i realised that though we all go in search of fame and fortune, my father silently had cared for and served the country which gave him a home, and his family an identity. I am a Zambian with Indian Genes...proudly!
On the night my dad had a first heart attack, my mother had called her neighbours at Lubambe centre who were there with my dad in his last moments. They rushed him to Wusakile hospital, right opposite the copper mines, and there he had a second attack. His last vision was the copper mines and his last breath was the Zambian air. By the following night my wife, my sister, brother in law and niece were in Zambia, only to see him as a body without a soul.
Even though Zambia had been a home away from home for us for so long, we knew that this time when we had to leave, it would be for good. So, within two weeks, we cleared all the formalities and were ready to bring our mother back with us to India. When arranging to leave, my mother had kept two sets of trousers-shirts and all my father's belongings to just give away to every colleague, every worker, every friend my father had been with during his time in Zambia. They were very thankful and told me this...Only in the villages of Zambia, whenever a chief passes away, he gives his things to his tribesmen and people. Your father was a true Chief. Our chief.

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank everyone in Zambia, for your kindness and friendship. Thank you.

As for me, the rapper, well am busy working with musicians from Asia and am touring too. Always maintain and remain real. A Zambian with Indian genes is who I am and Zambia is where my career began and is still continuing...



timmy said...

Hey Man

Congratulations - cool blog. Liked da the video bar. Great article on your dad - inspiring life!!!!

best wishes

Anonymous said...

great piece on your dad.he was truly a great and humble friend i shall never forget in my life. we shared a few "silent dramas" which we enjoyed and I cherish to this day.
Our best wishes to you and your family and your mum.
Ram Ramamurthy,Sydney

Nandini Raman said...

Good Job!!!

It was nice reading the article on Appa again after such a long time and yes you are right,time is realy flying by....I really wish though that he was here to see the babies, would have loved to play with them and watch them Grow!!

Am sure he is happy watching us from wherever he is and continues to Bless us and our lil family. He will always stay in our prayers and be the 'Brightest Star' in the sky who will Guide us, always.

Lots of love and hugs,

anantha said...

I came in here from Chinmayi's blog. Would love to read more about your experiences, musical or otherwise. Am adding this blog to my feed reader and am hoping you will post regularly.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Good to know about the great Rapper in Indian Cinema aka BlaaZe ( I think you should write about how to pronounce your name + why did you choose it ).

I had the opportunity to listen to you live at Oakland Arena in the Bay Area CA and was very impressed.

I liked your simplicity when you were on Anu Hassan's show 'Coffee with Anu'.

Keep it coming.!! ( I came here from Chinmayi's Blog )

PS - You are a great gift to Indian cinema. I wish Rap reaches the villages all over India ! it in their own mother tongues.

Padmasani said...

Welcome to the celebrity blogworld Rajesh.

You are very dear and warm and I am happy that a cross section of people are going to enjoy the same from you.

Vilakku Kudathukkullayo, malai melayo, both ways light is assured. If your father was a kudathu vilakku you are on hill top.

What is important is both of you are humane.

Padmasani, Chin's mom

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I forgot to mention that your letter touched my heart!

I am sure your dad's legacy will live forever !

Maha said...

Hello Sir..! nice write up on your dad and liked it as well.. i haven't known you otherwise as a,shall be happy to read more about yourself and family..Happy blogging! :)


Madhav said...

Haven't heard your songs, came to see your blog from Chinmayi's... Nice piece on your dad. Hats off for the respect to your parents. Obviously he has done a great job as a Indian parent imparting good values to his son.
I shall start looking out for your songs.
Keep writing, you are very good at it.

Venkat said...

Congratulations, Blaaze. A very nice blog. I loved the videos (the kathak rap was quite cool) and the writeup. Keep it going!


Deepa Sai .P. R. said...
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Deepa Sai .P. R. said...

I think You are a Baba devotee..This is something I wrote for all his devotees...

Thank you!

Venkat said...

Nice write up to get your blog going... It was truly touching and looks like a writing with full of passion.. Cheers and keep going..

Ananth said...


I am sure your dad died a proud man - what more can a man have apart from a successful profession, an equally successful kid who knows where he's going and a happy family - you have probably gotten the best from him - the talent to be the "chief" where it matters!



Prasanna said...

Thats a nice one blaaze !btw , i've also entered into the blog- world recently! lets rock!!

Bharathy said...

Amazing words of your father.
You are an inspiratiopn to many diasporic indians.
God bless on ur continuing success!!!

ARRahmanOnline said...

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K.T. Sripreethi said...

Hi Blaaze,

Greetings to you and your family once again. I am also an Indian who was in Zambia and you may have forgotten but my dad knows you and your dad. I visited your website and liked it and I have also left a detailed comment about my parents and me in you website. Please do read it. Take care and bye.
K.T. Sripreethi,