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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Roxygen Rox !

Been a while... thank u for all the comments earlier and your patience...

Guitarist Christy Samuel (of moksha and roxygen) was in town since his earlier move to australia, and it was good to catch up. Incidentally, he was the one who introduced me to Sagar desai, together with whom my band is formed, ZambeZi funK, and we await the debut album release, soon, godwilling. 

They had a jam session, organised by Mr. Pramod, featuring the band Mother Jane and others. It had always been a fascination for me to perform live, and with a tight band like the one Roxygen put up, it was a blessing. So we had timmy doing his magic on vocals, keith on bass, jim on keys, ... ... and christy. Sound star Sean Bout made sure the decibel level was loud enough!! They were kind enough to invite me up to jam on, ' come together,' and it was truly kickin' !! 

As a band, their vocalist, Leon, had passed on - young by age and extremely talented - and though i had not met him before, there is a feeling of restlessness within me when i think of his dreams and his unfinished work, which i always feel when i am around these amazing musicians of moksha... the band which i believe, gives chennai a true sense of rock fame. As the rock genre seems to be on an upswing again here, it would be great for moksha to release the unreleased material they have and to grace the big stage again... with the spirit of Leon to guide... 

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subhashssm said...

Hey rajesh,
The very first time when i heard the song for baba,I knew anothet big thing has arrived.It was electrifying.Pappu can't dance and taxi taxi were awesome.I would like to see more posts from u.
blazee work tight,
show u r might,
never fight,
u r the light,
music is u r sight,
u r a true knight,
have a great night.
well done and keep it up.