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Monday, January 26, 2009

World Premiere of Inqualab - The Video

here it is... the world premiere on MTV... Republic day Special 2009 !!

Inqualab by BlaaZe, Prince Ali & Raqueeb Alam
Video directed by Sajeed, Yusuf Khan & Adhil
featuring MTV Youth Icons and MTV Vj's

Thank You for making this possible !!


ree said...

just discovered your music.. wonderful

meswamy said...

hey blaaze i had downloaded the stand up and unite track from ur website...really loved the track , the cause and the content........

but with video , well i donno what are hot chicks , belly dances, sleezy girls doing in a concious song like this...this is underground stuff....

now dont tell me it was a commertial move.....

mukul said...

blaaze ji.. i wanna share my gr8 experience about ur song.. on 25th nite i heard u singing the song "stand up" in my dreams (that may b becoz i listen to ur song daily for bout 2-3 times) but i got a shock wen i got up on 26th morning n saw ur song on mtv.. for a moment i was scared that i have got some special power to see the future... hehehe... but that was one of the best coincidence in my life till date.. u rock sir.. this song is just can't b defined in words..i m just speechless... wish it had few more verses in it so that i cud enoy it more.. this song is really awakening..
thanks sir n god bless..

Anonymous said...

Hey..Inqulab is a good one..

Just heard Kural..Brilliant work...

yaadayaada said...

It was nice hearing your name from AR Rahman during the Oscars!! Congrats!!

Eezee said...

Blaaze, man you rock...Inqualab is awesome. Delhi-6 is just out of the world.

Anonymous said...

hey word up blaaze ! it's great to hear some one o' indian origin is bringin Rhythmically Arranged Poetry to india n what i most appreciate about you is your lyrics dawgs they are not all about bling n you know the stuff you are pavin your own way ! man i am an aspirant too i like rappin too but i cant see any breakthrough i do want to make it big brother please guide me i live in mumbai n my e mail id is im leavin my rhymes hope you like it !
and please guide me im not from rich class im 18 yrs n middle class family background so suggest way that would be possible for me !

this is the song i penned for martyrs of terrorist attack in ma city !

they invaded with grenades
launched cannonade with AK s uploaded
city faced the nightmare it always dreaded
LeT in rear with financial aid
locals traded money for bloodshed

innocents getting victimized by stray bullets
n life was taken for religious faith
hand with a gun decided the fate
the operation demanded military blockade
everything was done every person evacuated
NSG paraded in like brave, unafraid
men were killed n even the little saints
atheist were killed n even those who prayed
resting palace became their resting place
light from lives was being faded
hostages left dead none safe
'Moshe' survived to tell the tale

rulers're behind money n praise
answering media same clich├ęd way
when action was demanded
they showed sour faces
question arises
Is India a democratic state?

that night,
taking a promenade while my heart still ached
I felt we need to defend ourselves
don’t fall prey to masquerade
as a human never loose a grace
n never degrade
never kill a brother from another sect
here's Pratd from the Bomb bay
let there be peace is all I say
“that night sky cried n heaven sighed”