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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Inquilab - the story... the commitment...the youth

1) Could you tell me the main theme of the song?

The intention is to give us the strength to stand up and unite against the terror.

2) Pls tell me a bit about the inception of the song. How do you conceptualise it? Tell us about the creative team behind it? Tell us a bit about Prince Ali and Raqeeb Alam? How long did you take to make this song? How do you plan to distribute the song?

We wanted to do a song on unity. And so Prince Ali was kind enough to compose the music for it and though we had recorded it in english first, brother Raqueeb Alam agreed to write it in hindi and it was very kind of him too. We have done this together, in order to help any initiative that may be out there, and as musicians, this is the first step for us. Film - makers are welcome to discuss taking it to the next level :-)
Still in the process of distribution ideas, however it is a song for the people and so it's only right that the people help distribute it.

Mr. Srinivas and Mohan, Bryan and James, all helped in getting this on the sites. Vithur and the arrahmanfans group have posted this everywhere online. Look forward to any other ideas from anybody out there on the same.

3) There seems to a very potent sense of revolution in the song, something on the likes of Lalkaar from Lagaan? Was this an intended effect?

I think the anger is evident in all of us, and we are trying to use it constructively through song, to provide strength.

4) How have the attacks in Mumbai affected you as an individual? Has it changed your perception of life?

It is very sad..and still a shock.. having lived there for several years, it deeply angers .. that there is so much hate... but again, only unity in strength and love can overcome this... so we pray.

5) You have openly spoken about bringing to task the crooked police? Tell us about that.

Whenever there is an issue that touches, we feel to write about it.. hence when the issues with policemen being in the wrong came to light, we felt the need to address it. But today, with the way the police who were there in mumbai, fighting for us, and the way in which the security services laid down their lives for us, it truly is a blessing that they 'serve to protect' even in the toughest conditions. They are true heroes and we salute them. Right now, we love the police - no doubt.

6) What do you think the youth should do in order to set things right? What do you think the government should be doing?

The youth need to unite. Need to vote. Need to study politics, actively, to be ready to join when educated about it, to serve the country and bring back respect. Government needs to be more sensitive to its people. We all need to appreciate the freedom we have today...


MS said...

Very haunting. Really dont know how to put it in words, but the song brings the visuals to ur mind, and u realize there's a revolution happening in u. Its truly brilliant.

boom said...

read in the newspapers that you have been nominated to be an youth icon, for being a musician whose also thinks it is his responsibility to spread a good message!!country needs more of your kind!!way to go......keep up the good work!!