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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Light A Candle at

thanks to srini, mohan and the team at knack... vithur and the brothers for spreading the word.. and all of you for the strength... the track is being taken up by MTV to work on for a video, and is currently on my official site, , wherein you can 'light' a candle for the victims too whilst hearing the song... also officially on radio nri too...thank u bryan, james, david and the team... to mukul, blogeswari, kirthi and arun ..thanks... peace... Jai Hind !


harish said...

really a god one i would say.....Peace the only mantra we look for :) jai hind

Rams said...

Cool one!
BTW one question off the track: In the Slumdog Millionaire track "Gangsta Blue", though I could recognize your voice towards the end of the track, I couldn't believe it was your voice in the rest of the song, I mean, it was so different :). Wanted to know if it was indeed you or some other singer :)

All the best for "Kural" to be a success, as always!

BlaaZe said...

Hey Rams,

Yes it was my voice all through, but it was indeed Rahman's idea to 're-invent' blaaze :-)

Rams said...

Coooool! Thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

Bro,you didn't have to mention my name here. Thank you anyways. This was the least I could do sitting so far from the reality.Peace!!

Anonymous said...


I know who you are!

You 're mix of 2pac,mix with Timbaland and a little bite of ar rahman !!!

That's right?