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Monday, December 15, 2008

My mother's ordeal... 'open' letter to hospital

Rajesh Raman
Son Of Mrs. Sathyabhama Raman
Chennai – 600 018
Date: 15th December, 2008

The Management,
Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital Ltd.
148, Luz Church Road,
Mylapore, Chennai 600 004

Respected Sir,

It is with utmost disappointment that I am compelled to write this to bring to your notice the complete inadequacy and disrespect shown to my mother and fellow patients at your hospital.

My mother, Mrs. Sathyabhama Raman was admitted to the hospital on Friday, December 12th 2008. Having been under the care of Dr. GS Kailash, she is being discharged today, thankfully. Please note the following and do ensure the services are improved so as to help other unfortunate patients who may have to suffer the added pain of your services alongwith the illness already diagnosed. A copy of this letter is being given to all concerned departments.

Saturday December 13th 2008 - Room 211

9.27 pm – 10.00 pm

3 times was attended for medication / reports / drips
Nurse left patient on all three occasions half way…

(hospital excuse) – shortage of sisters

9.00 pm – previous 48 hours (since admission)

Patient has acute bronchitis alongwith other illness, and had been administered nebulisation – ON A BROKEN MACHINE !
Complaint in the form of a doubt was raised by the patient’s daughter-in-law, Nandini Raman, on first nebulisation, as it seemed to not work.(i.e. no trace of smoke from machine mask during nebulisation). No positive response from nurse who was attending and mentioned it is is.
Second day of nebulisation, I, Rajesh Raman, was present in the evening, and being a severe asthmatic patient myself, knew the nuisances of the nebuliser, and this time when complaint was raised by myself, to the sister on duty, she AGREED that the unit being used since her admission to the hospital, was and still is…BROKEN.

(hospital excuse) – as a patient, you should have complained earlier, says the nurse!

Emergency Bell kept at bedside – response time - 7 minutes - after three rings and patient walking to desk to ask for attendance !

(hospital excuse) – there was nobody at the desk to attend to bell call.

10.12 pm

3 injections through intra-veinous (IV) was administered to patient in 21 seconds. Am curious as to whether this is common practice as my mother was in tremendous pain.

(hospital excuse) – this is the way it is done.

07.15 am Monday, December 15, 2008

After being in room 211 since Saturday, 13th December, the bedsheets of the patient have been changed only now, and that too after polite requests to do so by myself. 3 days later? A bedsheet change?

(hospital excuse-overheard) – lack of sheets

09.15 am

Dustbin changed and replaced WITHOUT removal of the bin liner inside, with cotton swabs and tea stains etc still in the new change. Complained to head nurse about some basic sense of responsibility required and prompt replacement was made.

09.30 am

Had to request for toilet to be cleaned … as it has not been cleaned since admission.

(hospital excuse) – not sure …

Am truly appalled by the further stress and pain an admission to your hospital may bring to fellow patients like my mother. Please do take action.
For God’s sake, if not for humanity.


Rajesh Raman


shri said...

Rajesh Thanks for writing this on you blog. iwas experience the same with Apollo greams road.The person in the reception keep on speaking on the phone and it requires our shout with anger to get their attention.
Also i paid Rs.500 as consultation fee and there is no receipt for that. like a provision store in 1980 they scripled in white paper after i request and gave it to me

oh god !!!

Lancelot said...

Dear bro,

this is the first time I am visitng your blog, I always knew you as a singer but now only I know you are socially responsible as well, good to see that... and I would ask you to take this issue to consumer court, because many people never take such things to the appropriate forum - and all the warnings and advises we give to the authorities just go in vain...

Vaish said...

Sadly, that is the state of all our hospitals. wonder what more they can do.

Anonymous said...

Am sorry your mom had to go thro this. Hope she is better.

Sriram said...


Am sorry bro, you have go through this. I had similar experience in another private hospital in Eldams Road (forgot the name). Came from the US to have an urgent surgery done. The surgery was scheduled the next day early morning. The hospital attendant incharge of shaving the hair from the operation area shows up, starts bargaining for money to shave me. I say a big NO. He did not even care to apply soap while shaving. His carelessness was duly noted by the Doctor operating me, he blasted the guy. But it does not end there, this attendant sends another fellow attendant the next day to collect his bhakshsish. I finally lodged a formal complaint to the hospital authorities. To cap all these things off, when walking out of the hospital, the door attendant pokes his hands out for "something sir".
All reminded of the hospital sequence in the movie RAMANA.

Venney said...

Man those bastards fuck them I hope they one day go thru the same shit I wish I was there to bitch slap them. I hope MOMS is doing better give her my best regards OG SNEAKS from LOS ANGELES CAL

Vennie said...

Man those bastards fuck them I hope they one day go thru the same shit I wish I was there to bitch slap them. I hope MOMS is doing better give her my best regards OG SNEAKS from LOS ANGELES CAL

Masterofpuppets said...

BlaaZe... That hospital is bad trust me ... My son was born there and the doctor who attended to my wife did not even wait for a proper delivery pain to come and she directly went for a "C" section. I wanted my wife to have a normal delivery and she finally ended up having a C-section and the doctor said we can't wait further as it is very dangerous. I don't understand when the labour pain has not started and the due date is 2 days away how on earth can you determine there is no time. But this is common every where, all the doctors are money minded. This is Sick in my opinion !!!